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Free Bible Explorer (  You can Download Bible Explorer 4.0 plus over 130 Bibles and reference works; including English Standard Version, King James Version, GOD's WORD Translation, Greek New Testaments and Matthew Henry Commentary, Barnes Notes on the New Testament, Hodge's Commentaries, Talking Strong's Greek and Hebrew Dictionary, History of the Christian Church, Maps, Charts and Photos absolutely free. New titles are added every week.

Franklin's Handheld Bibles Children's Bibles at Bibles.Org

Faith Comes By

Posters about Israel and Christianity

Your place for 40000+ pages of FREE Bible Study Resources including the NET ... image Enhance your Bible study time. The NET Bible-First Edition for ...  

Visit Bibles Unbound and become a Bible Mailing Missionary
You can send a Bible to someone who desperately wants one!
Visit Bibles Unbound, a ministry of Voice of the Martyrs, and see how you can become a Bible Mailing Missionary.

World Wide Study Bible
Offers ten online Bible versions that are listed by book and chapter. Also has a collection of Bible related resources organized by scripture reference. 
The Berean Bible freeware
Free and comes with 'bundle' of: - ESV (English Standard Version ©2001 GNP) and- NKJV (New Kings James Version ©1982 Thomas Nelson)  KJV, ASV, BBE, WEB, and YLT also available and are small enough to fit on a floppy disk.  The software is very easy to learn and use - look up verses and 'super concordance' searching.* versions for Pocket-PC and Palm pda devices ... also free and very fast
Blue Letter Bible
Searchable Bible, by verse or keyword. Several English translations, plus the Vulgate, and interlinear Hebrew OT and Greek NT.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
A powerful Bible study tool integrating all CCEL resources! Try the Bible and Commentary Browser to research a verse.

Concordancias Electrónicas con el text de la Biblia de Jerusalén

e-Sword - the Sword of the LORD with an electronic edge
Free Bible study software for Windows. e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly. Prepare great sermons and awesome Bible studies. You Have Questions. The Bible Has Answers!
 Bible Study for Beginners Learn How to Start Studying the Bible! ... FREE Bible Study Tools Request Totally Free Bible Study Materials! Bible Prophecy - Plug in, turn on and be enlightened!
Use our Bible study resources to deepen your walk with God.

Bible Mapper
a fully interactive, highly accurate Bible mapping system that helps you quickly and easily create customized maps of the Holy Lands.  Now available for free download.

Bible Study Fellowship International
Interdenominational organization with classes in cities across the United States and throughout the world. Site includes directory of current classes.
Bible Study Lessons Free Online Christian Course Lesson Studies
Bible study lessons free online: Home Bible lessons, courses, and quizzes about Christian religion, God, Jesus Christ, church, gospel, Christianity
2hearts Bible ministry
Biblical and practical ministry, sermon outlines, Bible studies, meditations
and teaching for children's workers by Pastor David McFarland

Bible Prophecy Chart
Discover two keys Jesus taught that unlock Bible prophecy's
timeline so you can understand what future events will bring.

Bible Prophecy Today 

Freedom in Christ
Break Free from Religious Cults

Free Bible Commentaries
From Bible Lessons International a ministry of Dr. Bob Utley

Free Bible Teaching Resources

Becker Bible Studies is committed to bringing free and complete Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians online.  Their popular studies are used by the US Army Chaplain Service, Missionaries, Prison Ministries, Sunday Schools, Bible Colleges and Individual Christians in every country of the world, to deeply learn the things contained within the Word of God. teacher Jack Kelley answers tough Bible questions. Weekly ezine subscription is available Grant Jeffrey one of the leading teachers on Bible prophecy

Koininia House founded by Chuck and Nancy Missler. Teachers from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

Lamb and Lion Ministries. Dr. David Reagan Bible prophecy Lambert Dolphin Bible teaching, writing and Christian counseling.

Olive Tree Ministries provides a plain language understanding of current news events in light of Bible prophecy.

Online Bibles Both mobi and desktop, audio, download and read online. Made for mobi, great for desktop too. Many versions, reading tools, includes mobi Online Bible in multiple languages and versions Download for Chinese Bible - Audio downloads in over 4000 languages � Audio Bibles in over 550 languages Order Free Bibles from Bible Society, 120 languages over 250 languages - some free online, printed for purchase, audio Free NT for Philippines/ Africa � English, Tagalog, Hiligayno

Prophecy Forum.

Prophecy Update


Rapture Alert

Rapture Forums

Rapture Ready  topics, forums, etc.

Repentance and Revival Site

The Omega Letter Intelligence Digest. Jack Kinsella shining the light of the Gospel on the events of our times

The Prophetic Years. Don Koenig purpose is to educate all with eyes to see that Jesus is the only hope of salvation for a fallen world

The Revelation Files. John Terry gathers news from around the globe that seems to be of prophetic significance Dave Hunt is a student and scholar, well researched and his style is easily readable.

Understand The Times Int'l. Roger Oakland biblical insights that help to understand the past, what's happening in the world today, and what's yet to take place in the future.

Week in review Jerry Robinson has a great source for prophecy related current events, commentary, and articles from a Christian perspective.

Who's Who In Bible Prophecy

Worthy News reports news online from a Christian perspective. They cover a broad array of newsworthy topics such as: Christian news, bible prophecy, Christian persecution, the war on terrorism and the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Zola Levitt Ministries, Inc., is guided by the standard of Romans 1:16, "To the Jew first and also to the Gentile."

Alexander Scourby

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