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If you really did get the JavaScript alert on the previous page, but just clicked the link to see what it did, well now you know. Hit your BACK button.

There are only two possibilities for the Java menu to no work.

Your browser doesn't support Java Script  or your browser has Java Script disabled

If you're running Netscape or Internet Explorer, then it's probably disabled. You may not know anything about JavaScript, or you may not care that your browser doesn't
support it.

If, your browser doesn't support it but you'd like to get one that does, here are a couple of links you can use to get one.   Another is Firefox. 

Here are the links:


Get Netscape 7.x Get Internet Explorer 6.x

To enable javascript, follow the instructions that apply to your browser:

Netscape 7.x
  • pull down your EDIT menu
  • select PREFERENCES
  • Double click on the ADVANCED entry in the resulting page
  • Click once on the Scripts and Plugins entry which appears
  • Check the Navigator box in the "Enable Java Script for" area on the right.
  • Click OK
Internet Explorer 6.x
  • Pull down your TOOLS menu
  • Select Internet Options...
  • Click the Security tab on the top of the resulting window
  • Click the Custom Level button
  • Scroll the list down to the entry for Active Scripting
  • Check the Enable radio button.
  • Click OK in all dialogs.