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We joined a team with International Commission to minister in Campos, Brazil July, 2004.  Campos is  located on a large plain about 200 miles north of the city of Rio de Janeiro in southeastern Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro State, on the lower Paraba River. Coffee, tobacco, sugarcane, and tropical fruits are grown in the surrounding region. Among industries in the city are sugar refining, alcohol distilling, and fruit preserving. Population (1996 estimate) 389,547.  Until the first half of the 20th century, Campos was the largest Brazilian producer of sugar with many sugar mills in the area. Now their economy is more based on services and small industries. Two other facts have changed their region: the fact that their shore has the biggest oil reserves in the country (lots of jobs!) and that they now have many private colleges and a public university here attracting thousands of students from nearby towns. 

Brazil Experiences

Cindy, Cyntia, Cyntia's Mom, Dana, Glaucio, and Cyntia's Dad in their home.

 More than 4,500 came to know Christ through street evangelism and preaching.  Pray now for the discipleship and follow up on these new believers by the 46 Baptist churches we worked with.

           We left July 8th 2004 for Campos, Brazil, along with 59 other Americans. We were doing personal evangelism in the mornings and afternoons. We shared the Gospel in homes, schools, hospitals, markets, on the street and anywhere else God gave us opportunity. Each night there were evangelistic meetings in about 40 local churches.

Thursday, July 8- Praise the Lord each of our 60 American participants from seven states arrived safely at the airport. Everyone caught their flights and made connections without any problems. Praise God we had safety the entire trip to Campos. Praise Him, that our boxes of witnessing tracts, follow up materials, and our entire luggage arrived as planned.

Friday, July 9- We  arrived into Rio de Janeiro early in the morning. We traveled to Campos via bus, arriving in the late afternoon. We checked into the hotel, and spent the evening in orientation, training, and prayer.   Brazil

Saturday, July 10- After break fast and devotion time together, we spent the morning in training and preparation. We then traveled to have lunch with other helpers/evangelists from other areas in Brazil, and Paraguay.  We had an opening rally with all the churches in the evening. the opening rally was an exciting time.

 Sunday, July 11- We attended the Sunday morning service of our assigned church.  Some laymen preached their first sermon in their assigned church.   I preached the first of two evening services, and our team leader Bob gave the second service, at the Second Baptist Church, the largest Baptist church in Campos.  24 received Christ.  Many made decisions to be witnesses for the Lord. 

Monday, July 12- Our  team was serving the Second Baptist church, we did  personal evangelism throughout the day. I preached in the 8 p.m. service.   I spoke against prejudice and for the need for witnessing and evangelism amongst all people from John 4 (The Woman at the Well).   The altar was full of people praying for their lost family and friends, and hopefully for those they have avoided, thinking, "that person can never be saved." 

Tuesday, July 13- Praise for the daily outreach visitation, today we went to a busy city plaza where many received Christ.  Since one of our translators is a pediatrician, I spent the afternoon with her and her fianc visiting throughout a large hospital.  8 people received Christ and another 7 requested a home visit from our host church.  One lady, the grandmother of a one year old patient, is a Gypsy, she received Christ and invited me to conduct a worship service in the Gypsy camp on Saturday morning.  Praise God, that we effectively used our personal testimony to lead many to the Savior. In the evening we visited two homes, the two were sisters, there we prayed for a man who a had a stroke, their elderly mother, a son with mental disability, prayed for general concerns for two others and then found one of them was a nominal Catholic.  My interpreter, Glaucio, used my testimony and the Gospel to lead her to accept Christ.  Tears of joy flowed down her sister's face.   Meanwhile, Bob Utley our team leader, and Juceli - a team member and translator, spoke at the church for our business people seminar, on the reliability of Scripture.   

Wednesday, July 14- Since I am the son of a fire chief and Glaucio is a part time fireman, part time pastor, he invited me to speak at the fire station.  Two of the seven fire fighters who attended received Christ. Pray that the local churches will be encouraged and strengthened. Pray for the church members that they will continue to go out witnessing when we leave. Pray that they might see they also can lead people to Jesus and hat they would have a burden for lost souls.

Thursday, July I5- We had a tremendous day at a mission church, very rural way out in the sugar cane fields.  The lady pastor was so glad to have us.  We made many home visits, talked to many children on the streets, and greeted the teens when they got of the school bus.  The church was packed for the evening service, Thelma one of the Brazilians who sings like Whitney Houston sang several songs and a six year old drummer accompanied older guitarists from the church, and I preached an evangelistic message on the healing of Naaman with my interpreter Glaucio. 

Friday, July 16- We visited an orphanage that is sponsored by 2nd Baptist that is still under construction.  One of the workers received Christ.  We went to a men's rehabilitation center also sponsored by the church.  They had a beautiful outdoor worship circle surrounded by trees.  Josh and I shared our testimonies and Bob spoke.  We then broke into small groups with the Brazilians, Paraguayans and American workers so that we could work one on one or two with the men in the center.   A number were already believers but many others trusted Christ. 

Saturday, July 17- Our team went to the Gypsy camp, we were well received I preached on Acts 10 the story of Cornelius, relating how the Gentile Romans were rejected by the Jews but now were accepted, and the Gypsies should no longer be rejected either.  We also spoke to several Gypsies individually sharing our testimonies.  10 received Christ.  I was concerned that they might still be rejected by a local church.  But Glaucio agreed to conduct a weekly Bible study in the Camp and Elias one of the deacons of 2nd Baptist will address some of their physical needs too.  Pray that many will be baptized. Pray for the new believers that they will begin to grow and will unite with a local church  We visited in the home of Dr. Cyntia who still lives with her parents.  We looked at all our pictures for the week and had snacks together.  Cyncia's Dad had been rejected by a church years ago, he accepted Christ.

Sunday, July 18-    Following the morning services, each church came together in the afternoon for the Victory Rally. The Victory Rally is always an exciting time, as all the participants and churches who participated in the project came together to celebrate all that God has done during the week of the project. Just alter the rally, each participant returned back one last time to their churches to have a final service together. In fact we had two services one at 6:00 p.m. and another at 8:00 p.m.  About 500 attended the first service and 800 the second service.  I preached the first service and Bob the second.  There were many decisions in both services.  I spoke on witnessing and discipleship, from II Kings and Matthew 28.   We spent the evening getting ready for our travel home. Pray a prayer of thanksgiving for the many lives who met Jesus this past week

Monday, July 19- We departed at 6:00 a.m. to travel back to Rio de Janeiro where we will spend the day sightseeing and souvenir shopping.  It rained very hard, so we couldn't do much sight seeing.  But we stopped at one church to fill our our ministry reports and have  a final meal together at a Pizzaria.  Then after shopping, traveled to the airport for our journey home.

Tuesday, July 20- We arrived home about 1:00 p.m.  from a long overnight flight from Brazil. Pray that what each participant has seen will make them bolder witnesses in the United States

I Samuel 30:24 says, The share of the one who stays and guarded the supplies is to be the same as those who went down and fought the baffle. Through your prayers you have helped guard us this week. You have a part in all that God accomplished through us this week. Thank you again for lifting us up. We could not have done it without you.

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