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Mexico Mission Trip January 12-20 2001
We helped build a church in Mioqui a small town 40 miles south of Chihuahua. Aaron and I traveled 750 miles to Las Cruces New Mexico and met 15 from Mountain View Bible Church of La Verkin Utah at the Super 8 Motel. We then traveled to Anthony where we left our Jeep Cherokee at the home of Gary and Alice, missionaries to Mexico. Alice went with us to Chihuahua and then spent the week helping Donna another missionary. Saturday was our first night in Mexico, we ate in a cafe in Mioqui, we practiced singing two songs for Sunday morning, and then returned to our hotel. Ron Thompson the pastor in La Verkin, gave the morning message interpreted by Dick Loody the missionary pastor. Our group sang Amazing Grace and Majesty in English, then I led the congregation in singing Majesty a second time in Spanish. Work began on the building at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning, we worked until 7:00 p.m. that night. We had the same schedule Tuesday. Wednesday we stopped about 5:30 to clean up and prepare for the midweek service. I gave the message in English with Dick interpreting. The message was "The Gospel is for All" from Acts 11. I gave the congregation some Gospel tracts to use.  Thursday some of our crew went to Donna's home in Chihuahua to help with some repairs in her home. Some went shopping and three of us continued with the wiring and clean up.

Our work projects during the week included digging a trench around the perimeter of the new sanctuary, laying wire and conduit for the wall electrical outlets, pulling all the wiring through the conduit in the ceiling, installing an electric panel, leveling off the front of the new sanctuary, powering two sidewalks, painting and wall papering the nursery and two bathrooms, copper plumbing for the new sanctuary, and building 18 partitions to put in the existing sanctuary for Sunday School Classes. I donated six colored flannel backgrounds, a spider ball target game, and four children's songs in Spanish to the church, Iglesia Biblica Principia de Paz. Dorothy and several other of the women worked during the drive down to make dolls for the children with yarn, Life Savers, and foam balls. The church was also presented crayons, work gloves, and other gifts. Thursday evening we had a great time of fellowship at the home of Dick and Angie, the missionaries.  Early Friday morning we began our return trip to Anthony, New Mexico about 400 miles, it took quite awhile to pass through the customs and immigration inspections, we also had to pay at two toll stations.  We first had to pick up Alice and we had brunch in Chihuahua at Denny's.  We picked up my car and the drove about another 300 miles to Benson Arizona where we stayed in the Days Inn.  Saturday morning the rest of the group returned to Utah and Aaron and I to California.

It had rained earlier on the trip now about 150 miles from Las Cruces we hit snow

Who would have expected snow on a mission trip to Mexico?
Time to show our auto insurance and drivers' birth certificates. We waited in Manny's van and in the other three vehicles for about an hour
The Prince of Peace Bible Church in Mioqui The new sanctuary will seat at least 150
Pastor Ron, Daniel and Manny greeting the congregation on Sunday The new sanctuary "T"s with the old, bathrooms and nursery are to the right
We poured a new sidewalk The styrofoam on the ceiling made a good hold for the extension ladder for wiring the lights and ceiling fans.
It took four men to move this scaffold.  Dale and Bill with all their building and electrician experience had no problem, I was scared atop this. One evening we met in the new sanctuary for a meal and to give out presents to the church members.
Dale at work, tagging the wire we pulled Mark working below
Bill, Aaron and Ron building partitions.  Bill is a building inspector. The frames for the partitions
We brought the ceiling tiles down in Mark's truck from Anthony, New Mexico.  The lumber and wire we purchased locally.

18 partitions

Manny was the van driver for all the errands and was one of the interpreters.  A wonderful man with a great sense of humor. Amber coloring the new songs for the children's class taught by Laura Wednesday night.
Inside the old sanctuary Another view of the sanctuary
Dick and Laura after a meal in the church Bill enjoying one of our great home cooked meals.
Mark is building contractor, taking a well deserved break. Our host, missionary pastor Dick Loody
Mark, Dale, and Dave working on the main electric panel. Our hostess Angie, offers more enchiladas to Daniel , a growing boy!
We had to not only dig but chisel out the wall so the rubber hose conduit could fit behind the rebar and be flush for the plastering to follow. The outside of the nursery, beyond it is a storage room.
Nursery/classroom painted and wall papered. Barbara, Dorothy, and Dale
No water in the pool just snow Aaron having coffee in the hotel restaurant
Watching the snow from the hotel restaurant The front of Hotel Paraiso Dorado
Aaron outside the Hotel Paraiso Dorado in Mioqui A giant onion at the rear of our hotel a few miles from the church.
Lois,and Bill, Amber, and Laurie Weaver  Dave, Ron , and Lois at Days Inn Benson, AZ
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