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Monday July 28

We were taken by van to our churches for the day's work.  Each van had about ten workers.   Dorothy and Lorene were assigned to work with children in a school each day.  Cindy and I gave Dorothy several flash card Bible stories to use.  All the Magnolia people pooled their resources to supply her with additional gifts and crafts for the children. Pastor Mark came with us the first day in our van, to show our driver Saus Peter, how to get to our three churches.  The Eskes, Mike, Jan, and Elizabeth were taken to the Baptist Center that ministers to many neighboring orphan children.  Suzzanne and Jaci were taken to a church and school in Umoja,  Cindy, Linda, Tabitha, and I were assigned to Soweto Baptist Church in the slum outskirts of Nairobi.  There is a school at the church with a hundred children, preschool through 3rd grade.  We spent each day going door to door witnessing and sharing our testimonies.  There were 20 saved on Monday.  Our method of evangelism was simple and very effective.  The translators would introduce the American and determine if the listener could speak English and ask them their name, and if they were saved, and if not, if the American could share his or her testimony.  The interpreter would then tell the American their answer and would usually say, he is not born again, he does not speak English, you may proceed and I will interpret.  The American would then share his or her testimony and the Gospel and then would invite the person to receive Christ and if they agreed lead them in a sinners prayer.  Then the translator would ask them their name and address, so we would have a record of their decision for follow up.  Tabitha had a translator with her and one or more church members, Linda had a translator with her and one or more church members.   Same with Cindy and I.  

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The ride outside of town

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