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Tuesday July 29

I had two translators working with me, and we led 21 to the Lord.    Our team, that day led 53 to the Lord.  The four of us were paired with at least one translator from the church and would sometime have one of the two African team members also, or a visiting pastor from another area, such as Apostle Jackson with us.    We witnessed to some just out on the dirt streets, but very often were invited into peoples homes.   One that really made an impression on me  was a Christian man who works at night as a security guard in nearby coffee warehouse.  He was trying to sleep before his shift.  He invited me, along with my two interpreters, into his 10x10 apartment.  He spoke English well.  He insisted after we had visited for awhile and prayed for him, that we would stay for coffee.  He lit his kerosene stove and scooped cups of water from a five gallon bucket into a pot.   After the water was hot, he added coffee and then offered us sugar from a quart jar.   I felt like we were getting such royal treatment from a very poor man, such generosity and hospitality.   Most of the homes were similar.  A 10x10 room, divided by a sheet, behind the sheet is a twin or double bed, the front is the living area with a couch, a kerosene stove, a small table, some food, and some with a dresser or cabinet.  There is no sink, no shower, no toilet, and no electricity.  There is a water faucet shared by about ten apartments and an outhouse, a hole in the cement that drains out to the gutter of the nearby road.  It seemed about every 30 feet we were crossing a small sewage stream. 

My two translators and I led a man to Christ in his home.  I prayed for him and encouraged him to be the spiritual leader of his home, prayed for his young daughter and prayed for his wife's salvation.  We had only been gone from his house a few minutes, when a messenger came to tell us his wife had just got home.  So we went back and she too received Christ.  What a quick answer to prayer.

One of the men we witnessed to that day, asked me for a Bible.  I told him I would try to get him one.  That evening I asked Shah the shop owner, at the Hotel if he could get four Bibles for me, so I would have some others to give away too.   He is of Indian descent and the faith of his family has been Hindu.  His answer surprised me, "I will get you Bibles if you will pray for me."  I said of course I would, with or without him getting me the Bibles.   We talked for about a hour and he poured out his heart to me, he was very troubled.  The following day, he had secured the Bibles for me to buy and he received Christ.

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Wednesday July 30

Thirty nine received Christ today in Soweto.  Before we go out witnessing we begin by sharing together as a team.  We share praises, as well as discuss any difficulties encountered and talk about what area we will cover that day.  We also spend time in prayer.  We sing several songs together.  Our first season of prayer, most everyone prays out loud at the same time, and then one person is called on to pray for the group.  Our group of 4 are all choir members, so we have lunch at the pastor's house, or at his landlord's because her home is larger, and then we are picked up by our van at 2:00 p.m. to sing in a different church each evening. 

Cindy started out witnessing to one person, before long she had gather a huge crowd and became a street preacher.   Nearly everyone in the crowd listening received Christ that day.

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Thursday July 31

We had the great privilege of visiting a high school in the neighboring village of Kayole.  Most of the students were taking a mid term exam, so we could only say hello to them.  But one class of about 75 students was available.  Each team member shared their testimony and shared the Gospel and gave an invitation.  No one responded by raising their hand, but we distributed our testimony tracts and soon Apostle Jackson had secured twelve decision slips.  Four of the those students joined us for worship on Sunday.   That afternoon while waiting for the church  service to begin, Cindy and I were able to lead the children in singing some of our songs from Bratton Specialties.

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The afternoon following the work in Soweto, was my opportunity to preach in the church we sang in.  Pictured here is our  team member Tabitha, and the beautiful cross inside the church.   I spoke on II Kings 5, the story of Naaman and his leprosy.  The theme was two-fold: one was for Christians to witness like the little maid who told Naaman of the prophet Elisha who could heal him, and the other was a Gospel presentation.  I challenged the church members to witness and had the choir members give out their testimony/tracts to the congregation.  I told them, "the Soweto leadership told me that it would take them a year to visit every home, and I would imagine it be the same in their community, but imagine how little time it would take if every church member was a witness."


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