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Friday August 1

Another great day of door to door evangelism in Soweto.  Cindy stayed with the children and taught them 4 of our songs in the school.  The teachers had them drill the songs, again and again until they could sing them quite well.  Ken, one of the interpreters who was formerly an alcohol salesman, and I had made an appointment with a man who for years had made alcohol.  We shared my testimony and the Gospel, he, three other men and two women, all prayed to receive Christ. 

In the evening after singing, we were taken to a nice Chinese restaurant.  There was a tribal holiday celebration at the hotel that lasted all night.  So we were out of their way during supper time.

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Saturday August 2

Many in the choir went to College where Wayne and Cindy, Southern Baptist missionaries, work.  They helped the choir each evening by bringing and running the sound system.  Cindy and I elected to go out to our church again on Saturday.  Pastor Nelson Moembe, the church's pastor, and I went as a team and Cindy went with Chris and Zipporah.  Zipporah is from Mombassa, on the Kenyan Coast, and one of the African missionaries.  The pastor and I made visits for about an hour, we prayed with many Christians and shared the Gospel with a few who didn't know Christ.  Then Janet Owena met us, and invited us to come to the Child Evangelism Fellowship office in the neighboring village about 5 miles away.   The pastor agreed, so we walked from Soweto to Kayole about a mile, and then took a crowded metato (bus) the rest of the way.   We met the national Kenyan director.  Pastor Nelson was very glad to meet him and learn more about the curriculum and training available for his church and school workers.  He was kind enough to drive us back to Soweto in his car.

That morning I asked Pastor Nelson if someone could take Cindy up to the street on which we entered Soweto each day.  Cindy had been admiring a certain dress all week, and wanted to buy it.  She came to Kenya wanting to purchase a dress as a reminder of the trip.  Now the dress would have very special meaning.  Peter, her translator, and one of the ladies from the school went with her.  The dress must have been about a size 2 and was way too small.  They had another larger dress, but it was probably about a size 4 and still too small.  We left a testimony paper and went to two other dress shops, same story each time.  Finally Cindy told Peter that they had wasted 20 minutes of evangelism time and the dress was quite secondary in importance.  It was time to get out and witness, not buy a dress.  After speaking to several people and leading a few to Christ, another dress shop was spotted and Peter encouraged Cindy to investigate.  They had a dress the right size!  The shop owner said he would iron it and that we could return later and get it while at the same time sharing her testimony.  When Peter and Cindy arrived back at 11:45 (15 minutes before we were due back at the church), the dress was ready, the shop owner and his seamstress, along with three other men sticking their heads in the small window, listened to Cindy's testimony and all five received Christ.  We were now five minutes late to the church and it was a three to four minute walk back.  However, God was not done in Soweto that day.  A woman saw us coming and came out of her hair saloon where she was braiding hair and said she wanted to hear about Jesus from the American.  The shop owner, her customer, and another woman in the shop all prayed to receive Christ.  By the time we hurried back to the church we were sixteen minutes late, but eight people had received Christ.  A small price to pay, and the dress has an amazing story and exceptional meaning.  In the afternoon we were singing with the choir again. 

A great girls choir preceded us at this service.

Sunday August 3

We arrived in Soweto at about 9:30 for church.  They had a sound system with two microphones.  Chris, one of the African team members, was the Sunday School guest speaker, he spoke from Isaiah.  Then much more singing and then I was the preacher.  I spoke on John 3. 

The pastor distributed pennies and "pray for California coins" to the church.  Then the pastor and church, presented us each with gifts.  They gave each of our lady team members a wrap around skirt.  They gave Cindy a home made purse, and they gave me a basket. 

After lunch we were taken by van back to the Baptist Education Center, where we had the opening rally, for a closing rally at 2:00 p.m.   There was much singing, a sermon by one of the Americans, Cindy and I sang our Talking Colors song, and then the report given by Dennis Rumbo, that the total who had received Christ during the week of ministry was 10,114!!!!    The angels in Heaven are rejoicing and we are too.

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