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tall buildings

Trump Hotel

The buildings are tall in New York! I would pass the Trump Hotel along the way and see the weather forecast across the street.

New York

It was a magnificent Christmas program, with the super choir, lighting, and a meaningful drama.  The drama told of a man who was depressed and alone following 9-11 who came to faith in Christ.  Pastor Cymbal gave the Gospel out clearly at the end and I would guess about 100 responded to the invitation.

I met Florence Fleming the Protestant Chaplain in her home on 5th Avenue and then we rode together in her car to the hospital, she gave me a tour Tuesday.   I took this picture on Saturday morning at Harvest I invited her to attend and link up with the work there. Tuesday night I met Camille and Nicole at the Brooklyn Tabernacle.  Click the picture to go to their web site.

Piano at Central Park

Lake at Central Park

This landmark at Central Park is near Florence's apartment and the hospital. The lake in Central Park, also near the hospital.

New York

Statue of Liberty

Late Wednesday afternoon Camille, Nicole, and I went to Wall Street to talk to people.   We met a Chinese man in Starbucks who was a courier at the World Trade Center.  He had seen everything and really wanted to talk but was not open to the Gospel.  We then took the Staten Island Ferry.

Billy Graham Phone Room

New York

Wednesday evening about 30 of us met for two hours of prayer at the Billy Graham Prayer Center.  The counseling phones had been transferred to Minneapolis for the night. Early Thursday morning I took the subway to Fulton St. to see Ground Zero.  I could only get within a block all the way around it, without special clearance.  Go to Harvest's website for more Ground Zero pictures.

New York

New York

Coming down Trinity Street. There was a viewing platform around the backside but it was for family only. 

New York

New York

A connecting corridor hangs in mid air. Saint Josephs and Saint Pauls are continuing to be used for counseling.

Image: Excavation Continues at Ground Zero

New York

Aerial view of Ground Zero from MSNBC

Benediction for the lost
Workers at the World Trade Center disaster site Oct. 3 look up at a large "cross" -- a joined section of metal beams discovered in the rubble. "Some people will say it's velocity or physics that put it there. To me it's an act of God," said Frank Silecchia, who discovered it in the wreckage. From MSNBC see other pictures and news.

New York

Mt Sinai interior

The Narthex connects the Madison and 5th Street entrances at Mt. Sinai.  I worked with the Rabbi Thursday afternoon and evening, he visiting the Jewish patients and I the Protestant or Catholic patient in the next bed. The unusual architecture of the huge edifice provides sunlight to every patient's room at Mt. Sinai.  We worked together again some on Friday afternoon.

Mt Sinai plaques

Mt Sinai Christmas poster
As you can see from the plaque on the left the hospital has a long history. Senior Chaplain Rabbi Oberstein had these Christmas posters made and posted by the entrances.

New York

New York
The Madison Street entrance to Mt. Sinai Mt. Sinai courtyard from the Narthex
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